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Backlinks and keywords have a great impact on SEO Company rank, you can expect even more revelations from a further look at competitors’ Google Page Rank and their performance in other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! Also, don’t neglect to find out how many indexed pages competitors enjoy with search engines.

Analyze How Your Competitors Use Social Media

A lot of people mobilize traffic from social media, to their websites. There’s no denying that you need to analyze your competitors’ use of social media. However, this is easier said than done. A good place to begin is with social bookmarking sites. Find out whether your competitors are posting at a few major social bookmarking sites by visiting them; you can also find out whether or not such posts are popular.

Many web businesses leverage Twitter and Facebook to draw traffic to their sites. Check these social networking sites for the presence of your major competitors’ profiles therein. On the flip side, you would need to network with such competitors at these sites in order to find out what they post. That said, their easily accessible profiles should tell you what your competitors do at these popular social network destinations.

Check Whether & How Your Competitors Employ PPC Ads

PPC has often proved to be a more effective way — than SEO — of driving quality traffic to a website while at the same time being less expensive.

Most businesses that opt for PPC prefer Google Adwords although there are a plethora of choices for webmasters to choose from. Google’s Analyze Competition tool is a very useful tool although it is exclusively ancillary to Google Adwords. The tool facilitates comparison of the performance of your PPC campaign with that of a competitor’s.

You would need to monitor your competitors continually. The analytical activities that I have recommended here are quite exhaustive and would demand much time commitment from you. However, if you wish to derive optimal commercial benefit from the analysis, you would be well advised not to neglect any aspect of it. The whole idea is to learn from your competitors themselves while you work on optimizing your site. That could help you devise a way of surpassing your competitors in the future.

The Google search algorithm is known to undergo continual changes thereby compelling webmasters to amend their strategies substantially in order to stay viable. The impact of these changes can often be devastating and the Panda update that Google executed recently is a case in point which affected virtually every webmaster.

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